Kurt Naebig is one of the most sought after acting coaches in Chicago. He has been coaching and teaching actors for over 15 years and has helped performers get ready for theatre, film, grad and undergrad auditions. Kurt’s private instruction has helped actors get into schools like: Juilliard, Yale, Princeton, The Theatre School at DePaul, NYU, University of Southern California, Boston University, Columbia University, Northwestern University, RADA, BADA, the School at Steppenwolf and many, many others.

Private Coaching for Auditions includes:

  • Monologues and Cold Readings
  • Theatre, Film, Grad and Undergrad Auditions
  • Can Find Pieces Catered To Your Individual Needs
  • I also coach via Skype, Facetime or Google hangout.

Kurt is a Juilliard graduate who studied at Moscow School of the Arts and has directed many productions in the Chicago area. Kurt has performed at Steppenwolf Theatre and Chicago Shakespeare Theatre and works regularly in film, television and voiceover.

What Students Have to Say About Kurt:


“Since taking your classes I have been working consistently! I still use the monologue from class and coachings and have gotten called back for every audition I’ve gone to.”

—Dara Trainer

“School is great! I love Juilliard! Thanks for everything!” 

Frank Harts

“Kurt has the uncanny ability to steer you in unexpected and exciting directions with just a few words of guidance.”

—Bryn Packard

“Kurt’s electrifying energy has helped me become more excited about monologues in general and gets me excited to work.”

—Chelsea David

“This class went BEYOND my expectations. I’ve had A LOT of training and this was by far the most beneficial. Kurt is a magical acting wizard. The atmosphere was welcoming and warm. I loved Kurt’s input feedback, energy, passion, etc. He knows his stuff and I feel very grateful for having learned from him. Honestly, I can’t think of anything to​ do better. The class was fun and beneficial. Kurt made a 4 hour class feel like 10 minutes.”

—Bre Brown

“All My Children was so much easier after what I learned in your classes. I think my work was much cleaner, stronger and more interesting.”

—Taylor Miller

“You are such an inspiration to me, – I have never been so excited to learn in all my life Thanks for everything. By the way, I was accepted to all the schools I auditioned for. You Rock!”

—Misti Chamkunthod

“After studying with Kurt this spring, I was cast in Collaboraction’s Sketchbook and Steppenwolf’s upcoming Elephant Man. Kurt pushed me to take risks that really paid off.”

—Lily Mojekwu

“Kurt is an exceptional instructor who offers both honest feedback and positive encouragement.”

—Kristin Sadie

“I really connected to the monologue you picked for me, and used it for my School at Steppenwolf audition. Thanks to working with you, I got accepted into the program this summer. I recommend you to all my friends looking for coaching.” 

Ryan Patrick Dolan

“Your love for theatre is contagious. Please keep doing what you are doing.”

—Allison Latta

“I appreciate the mix of intelligence, sensitivity, specificity and excitement that you teach with.”

—Rachel Sondag

“I have been accepted in the British American Drama Academy and will be spending my summer in Oxford, England. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

—Jon Arndt

“Sometimes the difference between success and failure is inspiration and knowledge. Thank you for eagerly providing both.”

—Lisa Fontana

“It always amazes me how much energy and enthusiasm you bring to every class.”

—Dana Dowell

“Because of your excellent monologue coaching, I have been accepted to De Paul University.”

—Kelly Marie Dawson